Becky M. Pourchot ~ Photo by Sharon VarnornyMEET THE AUTHOR

When I was nine years old, I tried to scare my little brother by pretending I could summon spirits from the dead. I was just being silly about it at first, but right when I said, “Spirits of the Dead, give us a sign,” the electricity in the entire house went out!  To this day I have no idea what happened.


Ever since that mysterious event, the subject of ghosts has fascinated me.  As a writer I love listening to people’s personal ghost stories.  I’ve visited haunted places and written articles about my experiences.  I’ve met psychic mediums who talk with the dead, been part of séances, and through "ghostly intervention" even unraveled a mystery of a misplaced gravestone.


I now live in Flagler Beach, Florida (just like Gala!) with my husband, teenage son, and six year old twins.  I have yet to see a ghost, but I’m not giving up yet.


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